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I’d just had this conversation with my friends recently and I was trying to encourage/convince them to live their lives to the fullest (just like I normally did with all of my friends and as usual, dropping the whole pros and cons thing because i was kind of good at it, Thank you Benjamin Franklin!)  

We were talking about how unfair life was and how We had to make do with whatever life had thrown our way because as drake said ‘you only live once‘, knowing that it was important for one to live their utmost best because we had such a short amount of time to live. But as we were talking, it dawned on me that I didn’t quite understand what it meant to ‘live your best life’ or rather i did(the common vague misinterpretation /misconception we all know) but I simply wasn’t living it (and I know what y’all might be thinking, “There she goes again,making something vague so complicated”. Well,i could say that it’s not what it looks like,it’s deeper than that or maybe that it is vague and I’m just bluffing. Who knows?)

 A lot of us (including myself) don’t know what ‘living our best life’ means. We use it on social media and on hashtags but no one has ever thought beyond the whole living your best life thing. I’m not saying that I had before this but it’s something we all need to talk about at some point.


We often think that ‘living your best life’ meant that you have good clothes, always looking good, partying, taking nice pictures, travelling/going for exquisite events, feeding well and so on (on the long list of materialistic things) are all that consists of having A good life( the best life at least) and if so, I think it’s safe to call it ‘living your best materialistic life’. And I’m not saying that having materialistic needs is a bad thing (hell, my materialistic prayer and goal in life is to hopefully get kardashian rich so I could be able to afford anything and everything I want in life.) but these things are all going dissipate in time. I don’t know if i’m the only one this happens to but each time on social media,when i’m trying to post a picture or whatever that has to do with me enjoying a moment and I see the #livingmybestlife sticker, I get so ancy because I know that i’m not living my best life(I know it’s just social media but excuse me for overthinking), cause half of the time i’m either probably overthinking about a lot of things and I easily forget to enjoy myself or I just zone out completely. The main point is that we all have it wrong, and I know that a lot of people have their opinions about life but we all go through this phase. Or maybe i’m just overthinking it.

Anyways, I remember on the ride home after conversing with my friends, I thought about how we all felt about life and how intriguing it was that we weren’t living our lives as much as we wanted to and at the same time knowing or thought that we had the same meaning of ‘living our best life’ in mind, as we deemed it to be( the general misconception) because sadly we were all looking at the bigger picture wrongly (and don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that I’ve figured the whole life thing out because i’m as guilty as each and every person who has thought about it that way.)

And now moving on to the most awaited question,

What does ‘Living Your Best Life’ mean?(To You)

In my opinion,I think that ‘living your best life’ simply means living. It doesn’t necessarily mean living  life passionately, taking risks and being open-minded( even though it’s still important), it just means living without regret and doubt of things not working out. Not waiting for a specific thing to happen or waiting until you ‘secure the bag’ before you do things or live your life. It’s the same thing as saying ‘being the best version of yourself’ it just means for you to be yourself(your most unapologetic authentic self regardless). Living each and every day curiously, taking notes of the little things in life because ‘it’s the little things in life that makes us whole’. That’s What I think ‘living your best life’ means,to me atleast. Because like i said, we’re all entitled to our opinions at the end of the day. 

In conclusion, i feel that as we continue to live our lives, we should always remember to take note of everything that happens in our lives and be present, so we can stop relying on materialistic things to make us happy (they can only make you happy for a moment.)

P.S: i hope i didn’t kill anyone’s vibe about using the #livingmybestlife sticker, that’s just my anxiety speaking.

Photo from Resplash by Joshua Ness

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12 thoughts on “Living Your Best Life

  1. Good to see a new post from you! Regarding your reference to people thinking, “There she goes again, making something vague so complicated”… I think we HAVE to make vague things complicated- because they are complicated, and we’re being vague about them. 😉 People complain about philosophers supposedly doing that, but there’s a reason why great minds have been puzzling over and slowly making progress on certain questions over thousands of years, you know? And if it’s vague, it needs clarifying! People who “overthink” change the world and proclaim truth!

    I feel similarly to how you feel about “living your best life” when I think about society’s pressure to “Be Yourself”. Like, you can’t “be yourself” til you know who that is, and selves are formed and are constantly being formed! (Not to mention that there really are other things to focus on being besides “Yourself”…)

    So, not only do I laud you for “Overthinking” on this, I like the thoughts you came up with! Being present is something I definitely have had a tendency to fail to do. Best hopes for us both in remembering to be present and avoid true over-thinking and anxiety without forsaking our wonderfully pensive brains! ❤

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    1. Thank you, i honestly think that the little things are mostly the things that matter,as soon as we understand that, the sky is our limit i guess! Thank you for commenting. I always look forward to reading your comments


  2. This is so true !!!… I’ts so hard for me to Leave my comfort zone at times so I have this mantra “if you’re later going to regret not doing it, then just do it!” .. that definitely helps me to live my best life… i agree with how you feel about how living our best life is usually synonymous to materialistic living but it doesn’t have to be !!… the little things always matter

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